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It's the first of January and I think I should keep better track of fanfiction plans and the like.

Last year, I had three major obsessions: Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness, Loki from Marvel's Cinematic Universe and Peter from Teen Wolf. I started getting plot bunnies for all three. Birthright for Loki fell a bit apart after my beta dropped me and I decided to pause a bit to focus on Khan. Then something happened and at some point my Khan feels were not the same anymore. *pouts* But a least on the 31st December 2013 I did manage to finish my Khan fanfic All there is(the first part of the planned trilogy at least).

Which means now I can focus on my sole remaning obsession: Peter from Teen Wolf. Yes, he beat Khan and Loki (which was not hard given how lame Thor 2 was) and now I shall focus all my fanfic energies on finishing Always an Alpha and work on the sequel to You keep walkin' on the other side (my SS gift to calrissian18). Both stories have more plot than porn and especially Always an Alpha has a majorly complicated plot and will probably end up being 250k or more.

Anyway I found I joined AO3 pretty much a year ago on January the 3rd of 2013!

But the best thing I joined was this group: Multi-Fandom Word Wars, because I met so many amazing writers who keep me focused and inspired and I just don't know what to do without them anymore.

I've posted 197,040 words there in 2013. I hope I can post just as much if not more this year.

Plans for this year are

Do maybe

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