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Finally I finished "All there is". The first story of the trilogy surrounding Khan set after the events of Star Trek into Darkness.

This makes me so insanely happy, even though the story is technically not really over as I've still got to write Khan rescuing his crew. But I've vowed to finish some other stories first.

I've written a lot this year, despite getting MS, having mostly problems with my eyes, so I'm pretty proud of All there is and my huge Teen Wolf fanfic Always an Alpha even though I'm far from finishing it. But I'm on it. That is one of the stories I really hope to finish in 2014.

Another Teen Wolf success is the SS-Santa Story I wrote for Cal, where I took a liking to the Peter/Stiles pairing. So much that I'm going to write in this AU verse (just like Always an Alpha the new 3B season makes this story AU). But being a rabid Pydia shipper I'm going to include not just slash but also het (awww, yes I can't help myself, I'm not a slasher at heart). I'm currently trying to finish the next instalment which is pure Pydia porn (which in my case means I need 5k plus to get to the juicy stuff).

I also want to finish other stories I started a while ago. Like my Charlie's Angel fic The Darkness Within and Dark Matters which is also the first part of my Van Helsing trilogy but at least the first story I want to get done. Other stories would be my Hard Target fanfic rewrite which is also twice as long as the original.

I probably should see that I finish my Khan/Carol thing as well.

Then there is my Matrix of the Dead fanfic and in theory my longer Loki-Trilogy which I have in mind but might not work on as the last Thor movie murdered my muse brutally with just how awful I found it to be. I still think about the plot from time to time.

The Pirates of the Caribbean AU, which is not even posted anywhere, is another thing I like to finish as I'm already through the first third and I really like that story. Last but not least I might write a sequel to my other SS story, too. Even though I'm not a Stony shipper. But I do like the plot idea I have.

Oh and I already posted another fanfic for the "penises falling from the sky" prompt: It is a total crack fic with Skeletor/Evil-Lyn/Hordak porn and He-Man being assaulted by a penis army.

There are of course more story ideas and projects but I like to finish those as they are the most advanced.
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