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I like this new year already. Made great progress with my writing. While I am not getting closer to finish anything at the moment, it is not for lack of words flowing out of me. Unlike in the last week of 2012 were I barely got anything done and did almost no writing at all.

My problem is that I work on too many things - but I sort of need to. Like yesterday when I finished an important chapter of my Loki ff and realised I needed a break from it. Cue to writing more on my Matrix of the Dead fanfic.

So far I have worked on:

  • Beloved Target (Hard Target) - Rewrote Chapter 1 and started on re-writing Chapter 2!
  • Birthright (The Avengers/Thor) - After being stuck in Chapter 9 since before Xmas I finished it.
  • Matrix of the Dead (The Matrix Series) - Got a good start an outline finally done in 2012 but now I am getting somewhere
  • Need (Sherlock) - Small progress but progress
  • Bad becomes worse (Captain America) - Got some things sorted out and got a start on the first scene with Schmidt in chapter 4

All in all, I am quite happy. Especially since today started with a rough draft for a nice scene with Smith, Brown and Jones and my semi-naked OFC in the middle wishing desperately she was some place else. I can't put into words how much I enjoy writing Smith as a mean bastard.

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