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Today I realized two things: I shook my head at disbelief at how rude and offensive a cesspit the imdb.com Prometheus board is (most imdb boards are). Then some later realizing that I do like to offend people. Then it occurred to me, that people offend/are offended in two different ways.

Take the Prometheus board (you can only see it if you are registered at imdb.com) what you will find, is a a bunch of people insulting each other for having a different opinion on a movie. Just let me treat you to a few of the examples that literally overtake the board and have barely anything to do with the movie itself.

Cut so people who dislike homophobic, ableist crap and general bullshit )

On with the text )

Now, my brand of offensiveness also ties in a bit with the board and the internet but also comes to play in real life. I am pretty straightforward honest person. Some might even say, I am rude and tactless. I just like to say what I think. That applies to almost everything. I try to be polite and keep stuff to myself if I know I do not have anything good to say when talking to another person.

However, on "public" opinion boards, my journal or when asked, I won't beat about the bush. I tell you what I think about a film, book, scene or character. My opinion usually will include some facts and if possible an explanation why I think I feel about it a certain way.

That is always, always going to offend someone out there.* Some people just can not fathom that someone dares to dislike what they fancy, hate what they love and has the gall to say so. In this case I am saying - I do not give a fuck. I enjoy imagining you squirm and seethe behind your desk when you reply with incoherent, foaming messages directed at me. I will be glad to know I ruined your good mood and then proceed to laugh at your hateful comments.

*I think that is because often my observations are very spot on: they point out things people who like something overlooked by intention or accident and thus having it "rubbed" in really gets to them. Especially since there is good argument against it. (In this case my reply always be, yes, that is right but I still like xyz)
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