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Can happily say that I am making progress with the story. Even though lately I have done more editing than actually write new scenes. I keep going back to chapters and re-read them realising that something is amiss or that I mentioned something already.

So I edit, make one occurrence just a passing mention or delete it all together if possible and then clarify that point at better junction in the story.

Introducing my second OC, since she is kind of important to the story, was also something I had a hard time with. Not that I am nervous about people going: OMG, Mary Sue - but because I had to think about how Khan would see her, as he is the POV. That was pretty fun though once I figured it out.

Speaking of POV, I figured that problem out as well. I am going to separate the story by arcs. While some themes will be carried over a main issue will be solved in each one. Giving it some conclusion. For the first story I will stick to Khan's POV - the second part will involve the Enterprise crew, so maybe then I go ahead and use multiple POVs.

Making full use of the series feature on A03, I will also indulge in writing a few gratuitous smut scenes. Who knows maybe I write a few one-shots about some OCs and other canons that relate to the story as well.

BTW, All there is on A03, and hanging out a lot in these two chat rooms: Chat 1 and Chat 2 so if you are looking for writing session join me or contact me and I might just join you ;)

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