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Honestly, I don't get it.

Yes, she has good reason to be angry with Harry (he is an idiot ... but considering how dumb she is, I would not trust her with info that would get her killed as well.)

But she is so much worse. Not to mention she is one of those fake!strong female characters.

She just masks her insecurities with fake toughness, she is a shitty cop, a shitty friend, she can't take advice from experts and she only listens how long it suits her ready to spring into action without knowing the rest. Martial arts skills do not make a strong character *grrr*

I am not sure if I even want to take on another book, the cases are sort of interesting but both Harry is such a dumb-ass and he never learns anything. He makes the same mistakes over and over again. The only time he gets something right is when his life is in immediate danger. His constant whining and self-loathing about things he was only half wrong about is grading.

Plus I hate conflicts that get only that much more difficult because characters do not think or share information.

I guess having semi-intelligent protagonists with issues high as dinosaur shit piles appeals to the masses.

To paraphrase from a saying my role-play character: Just once I would like to read about professionals. *sighs*
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