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Just had someone contact me over google talk which I always welcome, after all it might someone fandom related who wants to have nice chat about hot villains, writing or whatever.

It starts of tame, like the person telling me they are glad I accepted them as people are not around anymore to talk. So I tell the person, that I am always curious what people have to say, in case it is more than age, sex and location with picture requests or offers.

Their next reply stating their age and sex made me already go: Oh yeah *rollseyes*

Then again comes this you can hardly find people to talk to and I go, maybe because you are not listening. Then of course came this: Want to join me on this amazing cam side for adults that is just like facebook?

No interest at all, I reply. At least attempting to end this convo on a polite note.

Followed by a new request essentially saying the same.

What do I do? Block their silly ass of course.

But it is no surprise that you can't find anyone to talk to anymore. Because unless you establish conact elsewhere all you find are morons who can't get their hands out of their pants and think everyone equals conversation with internet sex. If I wanted to go down that route, I go down that route, I don't need empty brained farts inviting me to their stupid communities.

Believe it or not, stupidity is one of the biggest turn off for me. Which makes the whole talk about sex with your partner kind of difficult for me, mostly after talking to someone I don't want to fuck them anymore.
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