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So had problems seeing anything on my right eye clearly and fucking headaches because of it (and the weather) now I went to the neurologist and guess what? I have to check into the hospita for further test.

It could be something that is just a one time thing or it could be early signs of MS.

I think it is the more the first but yeah better safe than sorry. It just bah, why now? I was just getting into the swing of things and felt more optimistic about everything!

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I found out, even though writing fanfic can take up a lot of my time, it actually makes me more productive study-wise. It seems all that time when I did not write, it not only stunned my creativity the longer I did not write anything - it also feed my depression.

Now, I am pretty good. Stupid Fever and almost constant headaches aside, I am doing good. I will finish my last paper and sent it off soon and then go work on my master thesis.

When I am not working for the university, I write fanfiction or do fanfic related stuff.

The Big Main Project is my Avenger fanfic - everyone who knows me, won't be surprised if I say that it is Loki-centric. As 99% of all my fanfic projects it is pretty long. Hopefully, for a change I will finish it. After all I got an awesome beta for this one.

Other fanfics that I try to work on is my Van Helsing Trilogy Dark Matters.

Ocassionally, I write a bit on the Pirates of the Caribbean ff, the Life fanfic focusing on Roman Nevikov and whatever else I get a sudden burst of creativity for.

I am making real progress, wrote more in the last 30 days than in the last 2 years. Despite my still shoddy immunesystem and the overweight related problems - I am doing so much better. I guess fanfiction will always bet he most awesome thing in my life. It allows me to let out my creativity and without it I just don't feel complete.
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