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It's the first of January and I think I should keep better track of fanfiction plans and the like.

Last year, I had three major obsessions: Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness, Loki from Marvel's Cinematic Universe and Peter from Teen Wolf. I started getting plot bunnies for all three. Birthright for Loki fell a bit apart after my beta dropped me and I decided to pause a bit to focus on Khan. Then something happened and at some point my Khan feels were not the same anymore. *pouts* But a least on the 31st December 2013 I did manage to finish my Khan fanfic All there is(the first part of the planned trilogy at least).

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I am actually making good progress across the board. It seems I have a good run with my rewrite for the Hard Target fanfic called "Beloved Target" (hmm I still need a better title) ....

I am not into chapter 5 and it would probably go faster if I did not literally had to rewrite everything. There are so many more things I need to add or change to make the characters actions more plausible. I also want to bring in more tension.

At the same time I am making progress with the Loki fanfic. Talked to my beta reader and decided to make it three stories. After all the idea was always consisting of three main arcs so I just separating them more officially. I am calling the first one "Enemy of my Enemy" and name the series Birthright.

Not sure what to call the second and third one yet.

But I am down to chapter 10 and I think the first story might amount to 18 chapters ... depends a bit on where I let it end exactly.

All in all, if you know someone who loves to correct grammar - send them my way. I don't mind harsh comments as long as I get rid of all the mistakes.
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Thought I share this here and on insanejournal as well.

Teaser: Loki Icon (Avengers) Loki Icon (Avengers)

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Just a short status update. I am right now in the middle of Chapter 7, not entirely done with editing the previous chapters but at least one till four is relatively sound.

Still, I need some opinion on five and six before I am sure they work the way I intend them, too.

Already finished two wallpapers and once I got two more done I will post and share them here.

Right now I feel a bit drained but I hope I can finish the next chapter tomorrow.

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