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There was this awkward silence in the car which was finally broken by Agent Brown.

“Do you possess all our access codes?”

Two sun glass shielded gazes probed Gina Larson, a third one was occasionally eyeing her from the rear view mirror.

“No, I do not have any of your access codes. Just Johnson's.”

Saying his name almost made her cry again. Before they were transferred out of their human bodies into the Matrix, the main concern had been how much of their humanity would be lost. Right now, she wished their had been some loss. She had reasons to grief before but never like this.

She had read about heartache in novels but she never imagined that it would actually physically hurt. Gina did not even care any more that the agents saw her as she was now. She pulled Jones' Jacket closer around her and did her best to pull herself together.

“What were you and Agent Johnson doing in the hotel room?”

Brown said leaning closer while looking at her thigh and the welt that was low and forward enough to be seen. Hearing Smith sharply inhaling she had no doubt he was aware of what was going on.

“Use your imagination”, she shot back.

“I rather you don't”, Smith stated icily.

Clearly confused Brown took a moment to analyse the situation. Which included a search string about the use of hotel rooms, a list of scenarios and various other factors.

“You are having a intimate physical relationship with Agent Johnson.”

The agent said out loud, which was then followed up again by Jones.

“Judging by the fact that she has been whipped with precision few humans could achieve, I would assume they have been practising BDSM.”

“Enough”, Gina and Smith said simultaneously.

“My mistake, social protocol would deem it inappropriate to discuss your sexual preferences in these circumstances.”

“Social protocol? The whole concept is revolting enough to turn my stomach.”

Smith almost spat as he was uttering these words, making it no secret what he thought about this affair. However, Agent Brown was not willing to let matters rest.

“Might I inquire why you were keeping this a secret from us?”

“We kept it secret because he knew you would re-act like close minded, irrational bigots. That is why.”

Gina's anger was clearly directed at Agent Smith who was making it a point to keep an inch between her and him. Instead of re-acting to her tirade he turned his eyes towards the windows. Bigot was not insulting him, close mindedness was similarly not affecting him. The part where she referred to him as irrational was making him pause to analyse the situation.

When his analysis revealed that his revulsion of the situation could not be explained other than having an irrational bias, he searched for alternative reasons to justify his disgust of the situation.
barbayat: (fanfiction matrix of the dead)
It's been a long time since I written anything with someone - but I liked it and I thought why not try again?

The plot is already quite detailed in some places but there is still a lot of room for a co-writer to get their own ideas in.

some info and plot mentions )
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