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Okay, I should not read the boards ... however, I am not sure if I sought out a regular fan board the tone would be much better.

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Get your shitty sexism out of my Grimm )

At least now that the spell is lifted, Renard is back to being his old self: smart, cool and more bad ass than Nick could ever be.
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The title of the episode is "Legitimiate Rape".

So if you don't have a strong stomach, do not read this post. This episode makes me physically ill and being stupid enough to read a bit on the message board from made me even more sick.

I would like to warn again strongly - do not read any of this if you are triggered by our fucking sick rape-culture. Also, I swear a lot ...(#) because I genuinely want to insult rapists and rape apologists.

The gist of the episode )

People with high blood pressure should avoid message boards )

My almost post in regards to a bullshit argument )

A theory and the date rape scenario )

What makes this so fucked up )

Decent men do not worry about getting accused of rape )
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