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Since this is basically for my fanfiction activities, I thought I post an update on what I am doing.

I shouldn't be working on fanfiction - but I really got a roll right now and I feel I deserve some writing time. The lack of muse, the stress really bugged me to no end and did make my depression worse.

To make a long story short: I found some notes for my Patriot Fanfiction: Nemesis.

The story focuses on the Green Dragoons, mainly Tavington, Bordon and then Wilkins.

I already posted two chapters on of which the first scene is about the battle that Gabriel talks about when he arrives wounded as his home. Chapter 2 is then about the scene at the farm house where Tavington shots Benjamin Martin's second son, burns the farm and so on. You know it from the movie and I changed nothing - but I wrote it from the viewpoint of Tavington and Bordon.

Chapter 3 was always supposed to start with Bordon meeting Wilkins and recruiting him for the Green Dragoons. I wrote that scene years ago and missplaced it and never found it again. I had terrible writer's block for this story ever since. NOT anymore. Finally, I made it through that scene again and I am quite happy with it.

Before that I watched the first deleted scene titled "The Butcher" over and over again and wrote it for my story from Tavington and Bordon's POV. I think it might be a bit confusing to write it from both their viewpoints but I think it has it's advantages to show what is going on in their heads. It was a lot of fun, I really get the feel of those two characters and then I wanted to write a solo Bordon and decided to try that scene with Wilkins and I got into all the excitement Wilkins must have felt at first when he was offered to join the Dragoons and the words just came to me.

Now, I updated the page for that fanfiction at my fanfiction collective and now I am going to see what else I can accomplish today.

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