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Another mini-rant about something that bothers me. That are those rabid shippers who just can not leave people alone who ship a different pairing than them. I am trying to differentiate between what is bashing and respectful disagreeing.

On the subject of turning gay characters straight for fanfic/rp purposes )

Onto bashing pairings and respectfully disagreeing with someone )

So in short: Let people have their shipping fun. Don't judge them because the characters in canon said that this pairing is not possible. Don't object to people writing a character with a different sexual preference. Don't expect people to like your pairing - don't let others tell you what pairings you are allowed to like.

If you have issues with the writing itself, the way the pairing is written that is a different matter - but never go to someone and order them to stop, shame or bully them for liking a certain pairing.

That is not a hard concept, is it?
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Among the many irritating things when it comes to tv shows or movies this got to be one of the worst.

Everytime people having sometimes extremly emotional discussions in a car, I am like: Pull the fuck over you stupid idiots.

I am not talking about people fleeing from something with a car. So often I see people talking about something and the driver is looking for half a minute at the person next to them.

If something does happen, I am like : Bla your own fault - do you expect any sympathy from me?

I get it, not looking at the person whom you are talking to is impolite bordering on rude - however, I think injuring or killing someone is a whole lot ruder.

So keep your eyes on the road, you dumbass ficitional characters.
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