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And another set of Icons featuring my favourite Teen Wolf Ship: Lydia Martin and Peter Hale.

10 Pydia Icons, then five with them on their own.

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Have not posted for a while. Been busy with my health problems and when I had energy I put it into writing. Made tons of progress but then last week, I had a relapse and went almost blind on my right eye again.

Currently I am recovering from the cortisone but at least I can see a bit more again and the cross-interference with my good eye is not that headache inducing anymore.

Here is an overview over my latest fic project ...

Always an Alpha (AO3,

  • Chapter 1: A small favour (5,270 words)
  • Chapter 2: Cabin in the Woods (5,030 words)
  • Chapter 3: Aftercare (4,921 words)
  • Chapter 4: Happy Birthday (5,984 words)

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Made those some time ago but forgot to post them:

20 Icons under the cut )