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... oh boy, if you liked it you might want to stop reading here, because I loathed it.

First of, I know Coulson is probably really dead after all, but Clone!Coulson or Robot!Coulson sucks. Every scene where it showed up, it just made me want to fast forward (I did not but I was this . . close).

Could the writing of this pilot be any lamer?

Someone clearly went to the Meyer school of tell not show. The poor men's bond (could not bother to remember his name) already fell through with me, when they needed to boost him by telling me he is just as good as Natasha as a spy. Fucking show me or it did not happen.

They are so inconsistent. Really that annoying hacker girl (whom I want to see blown up - seriously she is so annoying) could break into SHIELD with an ancient notebook? After we established in the film that not even Tony/Jarvis could that until they planted a virus directly into Fury's station? Even a genius can only do that much with inferior equipment, I excepted something so lame and illogical and unrealistic from a fanfic writer that just wants to show how cool their Mary Sue is but please can we have more standards in the actual show?

Seriously, that pilot reeked from "We are trying too hard." The forced humour, the look at how cool our characters are, here are all the film references (and probably comic ones, too that I missed) and I know that will please the massed but come on ... they could also have made it good so people who want more than brainless entertainment can enjoy it, too. Is it really that hard to write characters with a personality and let them show some of that? Let me repeat: being overly cool is not a personality trait besides I did not think any of these characters were cool.

And so many clichés ... I've heard episode is 2 is better but that means almost nothing given that I thought this was a total crapfest in my opinion.
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So, I love the tagging system but it becomes a problem when there is this wall of tags.

Often I just want to read about one character or one pairing ... most often I do not find anything to my liking anyway. However, I usually have to wade through all the stories that are there most of which I don't even care to read the summary. If I do it seems like they are not even about the character.

Why is that? Because some people feel the need to tag for every character that shows up however briefly. It's so annoying and makes looking for the right fanfic really annoying.
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So had problems seeing anything on my right eye clearly and fucking headaches because of it (and the weather) now I went to the neurologist and guess what? I have to check into the hospita for further test.

It could be something that is just a one time thing or it could be early signs of MS.

I think it is the more the first but yeah better safe than sorry. It just bah, why now? I was just getting into the swing of things and felt more optimistic about everything!

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Having a not so good day (mood-wise) I decided to do some more research and ended up watching the three parter with the Augments in the Archer Enterprise series.

o_O 0_o Hmm, was not impressed at all. I get it that not everyone in a tv show can be smart or act smart but if you give me villains as antagonists and tell me several times how much smarther they are supposed to be and then show me that they are mostly idiots with some minor hacking skills - I am disappointed.

Being able to play around with computer is not all there is to a superior mind, these Augments could hardly think for themselves. So depressing. Especially after having seen how brilliant and awesome you can write a super smart villain ...

Most pathetic part was the lead idiot trashing Khan for taking his crew on the Botany Bay and then in the end murdering like his crew and all the embryos they stole.

I know it is hard to write a character smarter than yourself - but please at least try. If I can do it, surely a paid writer can do a better job.
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I am going to see the movie again. I really like it. However, there is plenty of wrong in this one. Here I do make list, which I probably expand on later on ...

Star Trek into Darkness spoilers )
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I might go to see Star Trek Born into Darkness tonight.

Depends on whether I feel okay - and there is one other thing that makes me hesitate. According to Cumberbatch seems indeed to be playing Khan (the rumoured is gone). You know that possibility makes me feel somewhat less excited.

Maybe he is an awesome Khan, because frankly the original Khan was not that great a villain. I know people hailed him and the second film is one of the best according too many. Heh, I love "The Wrath of Kahn". But I always felt Kahn was just a stupid villain.

Recently watched Space Seed again. That guy is just a sexist pig. He is a primitive, single minded abusive asshat. He has no style, they say he is engineered to be stronger and smarter but I never saw any of that. His first attempt fails miserably, he is pretty much beaten by the goofy crew (sorry but Kirk and Co are often fun to watch but more bumbling than competent, every often so incompetent).

For some reason this historian has a crush on him. Because you know, women can get all the equality they want, they still long for an abusive ass to dominate and subjugate them. *rollseyes*

Never once we got an actual reason, except Kahn mentioning that his intellect kept those alive, that did not die, why he is such a good leader. But for all we know, all of the survivors were engineered "superhumans". Except that they were tribal, easy to impress and had not one original thought or purpose.

Khan was great in the role of the primitive single minded revenge seeker "Bah, Kirk, you stranded me and cost me my favourite property - I mean love of my life *cough*".

So if, Cumberbatch is indeed a Khan re-hash, I hope they just mean that in regard to being engineered and that we do see some superhuman qualities, like super strength or supersmartness at play. After all we had the single minded moron with a shiny weapon as the superstupid villain hell bent on revenge in the last movie.
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Okay, I should not read the boards ... however, I am not sure if I sought out a regular fan board the tone would be much better.

summary of the events )

Get your shitty sexism out of my Grimm )

At least now that the spell is lifted, Renard is back to being his old self: smart, cool and more bad ass than Nick could ever be.
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Honestly, I don't get it.

Yes, she has good reason to be angry with Harry (he is an idiot ... but considering how dumb she is, I would not trust her with info that would get her killed as well.)

But she is so much worse. Not to mention she is one of those fake!strong female characters.

She just masks her insecurities with fake toughness, she is a shitty cop, a shitty friend, she can't take advice from experts and she only listens how long it suits her ready to spring into action without knowing the rest. Martial arts skills do not make a strong character *grrr*

I am not sure if I even want to take on another book, the cases are sort of interesting but both Harry is such a dumb-ass and he never learns anything. He makes the same mistakes over and over again. The only time he gets something right is when his life is in immediate danger. His constant whining and self-loathing about things he was only half wrong about is grading.

Plus I hate conflicts that get only that much more difficult because characters do not think or share information.

I guess having semi-intelligent protagonists with issues high as dinosaur shit piles appeals to the masses.

To paraphrase from a saying my role-play character: Just once I would like to read about professionals. *sighs*
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The title of the episode is "Legitimiate Rape".

So if you don't have a strong stomach, do not read this post. This episode makes me physically ill and being stupid enough to read a bit on the message board from made me even more sick.

I would like to warn again strongly - do not read any of this if you are triggered by our fucking sick rape-culture. Also, I swear a lot ...(#) because I genuinely want to insult rapists and rape apologists.

The gist of the episode )

People with high blood pressure should avoid message boards )

My almost post in regards to a bullshit argument )

A theory and the date rape scenario )

What makes this so fucked up )

Decent men do not worry about getting accused of rape )
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Today I realized two things: I shook my head at disbelief at how rude and offensive a cesspit the Prometheus board is (most imdb boards are). Then some later realizing that I do like to offend people. Then it occurred to me, that people offend/are offended in two different ways.

Take the Prometheus board (you can only see it if you are registered at what you will find, is a a bunch of people insulting each other for having a different opinion on a movie. Just let me treat you to a few of the examples that literally overtake the board and have barely anything to do with the movie itself.

Cut so people who dislike homophobic, ableist crap and general bullshit )

On with the text )

Now, my brand of offensiveness also ties in a bit with the board and the internet but also comes to play in real life. I am pretty straightforward honest person. Some might even say, I am rude and tactless. I just like to say what I think. That applies to almost everything. I try to be polite and keep stuff to myself if I know I do not have anything good to say when talking to another person.

However, on "public" opinion boards, my journal or when asked, I won't beat about the bush. I tell you what I think about a film, book, scene or character. My opinion usually will include some facts and if possible an explanation why I think I feel about it a certain way.

That is always, always going to offend someone out there.* Some people just can not fathom that someone dares to dislike what they fancy, hate what they love and has the gall to say so. In this case I am saying - I do not give a fuck. I enjoy imagining you squirm and seethe behind your desk when you reply with incoherent, foaming messages directed at me. I will be glad to know I ruined your good mood and then proceed to laugh at your hateful comments.

*I think that is because often my observations are very spot on: they point out things people who like something overlooked by intention or accident and thus having it "rubbed" in really gets to them. Especially since there is good argument against it. (In this case my reply always be, yes, that is right but I still like xyz)
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You are probably saying: „What Peggy and weak? Isn't she the one who shoots so well and storms the Hydra Base at the end? You are out of your mind!“

more on the subject )

Most of these instances by themselves would not be so bad, but all together are painting a picture of a very weak character who is only there to promote how awesome the male lead is. That sucks.

footnotes )
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... my first experiences with the online fanfic community I had too much exposure to them.

Who is them? The misogynistic rabid!slasher crowd. Types who were so fanatic about their m/m pairings that they would label any and all female characters the men are actually interested in canon or in fanfiction as Mary Sues. Sometimes they also tend to black the canon woman love interests out.

Which would not be a problem if they just decide for their stories that they write the character in question gay and thus disregard the hook-ups with female characters.

But these people need to have other people agreeing with them. They either go out and attack people who write het with one of the man of their OTP m/m ship or they go around and need people confirm that the female in canon was just an awful Sue and that it is okay to drop her entirely.

Just fucking drop her if you want to focus on m/m. That is just fine.

Or maybe the character bi and build in a nice conflict having "him" been torn between the two people he is attracted to.

It's fanfic - you can do what ever you like. Just do not expect others to validate your crap as if it was gospel. Christ on a cracker, that bullcrap hurts my brain.
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I really wanted to give this reboot a chance. While the re-use of the names seemed stupid and silly to me, I thought maybe it is just a homage and not lack of creativity.

But it's just Twilight, except that Vincent is a mentally scarred emo psycho, who lost his brother in 9/11. Being a doctor his first idea was of course, hell yeah, I volunteer for a super soldier project and kill me some people! now, he turns violent and beastlike when his Adrenaline kicks in.

As we all know the US goverment is not only about creating super soldiers with crazy fucked up let's try this experiments, they also murder and kill their victims and lots and lots of American citiziens in the fall out.

Where did I hear this plot before?

Catherine of course met Vincent as her mother was gunned down by two hitmen and he saved her. Kept taps on her (stalker alert). Even though she is a dumb as rock police person, she found him because Mr. I-must-hide-from-the-goverment still has fingerprints and leaves them on crime scenes.

Might not have been so bad if in the pilot she was not already talking about this "now I know I am not crazy and we both must save each other". Because after my mom is gunned down I am knocked several times over the head and I see something wishy washy in the dark and find the two guys have been butchered I would immediately assume I am crazy for saying in the aftershock some beast saved me. I am that is such a crazy thing to come up with.

Continue to the next episode, where we learn that she can not do her job with out asking him for advice. I am not even sure if she really is that incompetent or if that is just a rouse to get him to talk about her mother's murder (maybe both). She says it is not about her mom, then she brings her up four times in the conversation. She is so dumb that I would not be surprised if the big goverment spooks would not find Vincent's hideout in Ep 3 and kill everyone. She is mind numbingly stupid.

Of course there is this "Oh Catherine you must stay away from me" routine followed by him "Oh sure sit down - want a drink?"

This fucking painful drama every second conversation. "Boohooo I am a beast, I am not human anymore" blabal fucking cry me a river.

At least it is so bad it makes me angry and that is a whole lot better than feeling numb.
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