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I haven't been able to do much writing this week. Thanks to feeling down both spiritually and physically (I think after having a lot of headaches, I know officially caught a cold).

Made a new sub-page on my fanfic site, for stuff related to Sherlock, like scenes with Molly in it (more will probably come while waiting for Season 3). Basically preparations for an eventual fanfic in 2014 - in case season 3 really only airs on xmas 2013.

Here is the link to my webpage

2.01 A scandal in Belgravia - Xmas at 221b )
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... for some time I have been dodging the urge to watch Sherlock (the new series).

Now, I've seen it, I can't wait for Season 3 to come out and I'm turning into an obsessed Sherlock/Molly shipper. Really annoyingly distracting ...

Some ramblings about Sherlolly* fanfic -  )
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