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It's the first of January and I think I should keep better track of fanfiction plans and the like.

Last year, I had three major obsessions: Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness, Loki from Marvel's Cinematic Universe and Peter from Teen Wolf. I started getting plot bunnies for all three. Birthright for Loki fell a bit apart after my beta dropped me and I decided to pause a bit to focus on Khan. Then something happened and at some point my Khan feels were not the same anymore. *pouts* But a least on the 31st December 2013 I did manage to finish my Khan fanfic All there is(the first part of the planned trilogy at least).

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Wow, today someone pointed me to the single most sexist and dumb prompt for star trek I have ever read.

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From Khan at the top to Chekov at the bottom, this is how I like my Star Trek slash fanfics.

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A few prompts:

Khan wakes up and makes Bones pay for every drop of blood he has taken from him ...

Kirk rests peacefully in his hospital bed, when a familiar voice tells him that Kirk owes him his life and now he belongs to him ...

Bones realised that Sulu is not someone he wants to piss off, but threatening Khan is never a good idea. Khan/Sulu about the fallout from the "torpedo bluff" ...

Mirror-Universe X-Over, members of the crew end up in the mirrorverse and when discovered are brought before Khan, who rules over the Terran Empire.

Also like a sequal to RED

A slightly guilty Spock asks Bones if he might have gone too far with Chekov. Bones just knows how to treat guilt and gives Spock a demonstration on how to be a better dom.
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Having a not so good day (mood-wise) I decided to do some more research and ended up watching the three parter with the Augments in the Archer Enterprise series.

o_O 0_o Hmm, was not impressed at all. I get it that not everyone in a tv show can be smart or act smart but if you give me villains as antagonists and tell me several times how much smarther they are supposed to be and then show me that they are mostly idiots with some minor hacking skills - I am disappointed.

Being able to play around with computer is not all there is to a superior mind, these Augments could hardly think for themselves. So depressing. Especially after having seen how brilliant and awesome you can write a super smart villain ...

Most pathetic part was the lead idiot trashing Khan for taking his crew on the Botany Bay and then in the end murdering like his crew and all the embryos they stole.

I know it is hard to write a character smarter than yourself - but please at least try. If I can do it, surely a paid writer can do a better job.
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I am really happy with the progress of my All there is story.

Finished my edit of chapter 8!!

Then I finally solved another problem, that bothered me.

What I still need to do:

- figure out where to end the first arch
- what to call the overall series
- outline the second story arch in greater detail ""
- figure out how to do POV ...

- of course do the same with the rest of the story arch
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I am trying hard to maintain my writing habit of writing/editing daily and so far I am doing good.

Now, this is mainly a progress report (also something I did before but never got around to doing regularly) about what I worked on this week and want to do next week.

My main fanfic All there is has now four chapters posted, I got back chapter edits for two and three from my beta and probably upload them again later tonight.

Also sent off chapter 4 and 5 to my beta [personal profile] alessnox.

Chapter 6 is filled with notes, different versions of the beginning and an overall uneasy feeling.

mild spoilers for themes, not events of my fanfic )

Which is probably why I have allowed myself to also write a little PWP with a Khan/Carol Marcus pairing ;) The Admiral's Daugther is not related to All there is but it is way more relaxing to write ...

Thanks to tumblr, my personal headcanon casting for Khan's right hand man, Joachim, is now Tom Hiddleston.
If they ever thaw Khan and his crew up for a later sequel, they just have to make that a reality.

My other projects are currently on ice.
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Teaser: Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Star Trek into Darkness Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Star Trek into Darkness

20 Icons featuring Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek Character under the cut )

You can tell I am obsessed, can you?

Decided to finally get into Blue Ray with this film ... so today I pre-ordered the Blue Ray set with Blue Ray 3d, normal Blue Ray and DVD for about 30 Euros! The awful thing is the estimated shipping date is the 31st DECEMBER. WTF? I have to wait till next frakking year to finally get this film in decent quality???
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Khan Wallpaper

1600 x 1200 (same size as: 1280 x 960, 1152 x 864, 1024 x 768)
1680 x 1050 (same size as: 1920 x 1200, 1440 x 900, 1280 x 800)
1280 x 1024 (yes I still use that size)

Used one of my favourite quotes ;) font placement differs on individual sizes ...
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I thought I share a few of the fanfics I do enjoy. I admit I do not read every story, because I do not like Sherlock/STID crossovers, there are a few other stories I have avoided for personal reasons, that I might end up reading later on ...

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Teaser: Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Star Trek into Darkness Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Star Trek into Darkness

20 Icons featuring Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek Character under the cut )

And I got the weirdest crush, especially for scenes where Khan's hair is hanging in his face. *swoons*
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Okay, the movie is out now in the US - but just barely so I keep the spoilers under a cut.

This post basically summarizes my basic analysis and summary of the motives of Cumberbatch's character in my movie, who is the main character of my fanfic.

Note: I also composed this more cryptic summary of the fanfic (although looking at the character listed underneath might already do the spoiling.)

POST into darkness. (SPOILERS, duh!) They say let sleeping dragons lie but there is always someone who is not listening. Awaken into a situation even more vile than before, it remains to be seen who will triumph last. The Cardassian Spy who gambles for everything or the one that thinks he has nothing left to loose ... Not beta-read (looking for one)

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I am going to see the movie again. I really like it. However, there is plenty of wrong in this one. Here I do make list, which I probably expand on later on ...

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Okay, spoiler warnings apply - like major spoilers.

As you could probably gather from my previous post, I was rather skeptic about the movie but I was glad I went anyway. In fact, I found the movie so entertaining, I am wondering if I should go again while they still air the OT version here. BTW, wow the movie is not rated, not even FSK 6.

Oh, yeah and I started a fanfic ...

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I might go to see Star Trek Born into Darkness tonight.

Depends on whether I feel okay - and there is one other thing that makes me hesitate. According to Cumberbatch seems indeed to be playing Khan (the rumoured is gone). You know that possibility makes me feel somewhat less excited.

Maybe he is an awesome Khan, because frankly the original Khan was not that great a villain. I know people hailed him and the second film is one of the best according too many. Heh, I love "The Wrath of Kahn". But I always felt Kahn was just a stupid villain.

Recently watched Space Seed again. That guy is just a sexist pig. He is a primitive, single minded abusive asshat. He has no style, they say he is engineered to be stronger and smarter but I never saw any of that. His first attempt fails miserably, he is pretty much beaten by the goofy crew (sorry but Kirk and Co are often fun to watch but more bumbling than competent, every often so incompetent).

For some reason this historian has a crush on him. Because you know, women can get all the equality they want, they still long for an abusive ass to dominate and subjugate them. *rollseyes*

Never once we got an actual reason, except Kahn mentioning that his intellect kept those alive, that did not die, why he is such a good leader. But for all we know, all of the survivors were engineered "superhumans". Except that they were tribal, easy to impress and had not one original thought or purpose.

Khan was great in the role of the primitive single minded revenge seeker "Bah, Kirk, you stranded me and cost me my favourite property - I mean love of my life *cough*".

So if, Cumberbatch is indeed a Khan re-hash, I hope they just mean that in regard to being engineered and that we do see some superhuman qualities, like super strength or supersmartness at play. After all we had the single minded moron with a shiny weapon as the superstupid villain hell bent on revenge in the last movie.
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