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Yesterday I wrote till late into the night, in between the auto update of windows wanted to shut me down. I delayed it and then restarted my computer while I went to bed, so that the updates would be installed when I would wake up.

I woke up and my entire desktop looked different. I was shocked but I had no clue how much damage the windows update had done to my system.

- deleted program settings
- deleted short cuts
- deleted all my firefox data (cookies, links etc)
- hid my documents like fanfic or uni documents

It was one shock after another. I still have not everything back to normal. I could not log into my gmail, dreamwidth and problems everywhere. Now, I am a bit calmer but still can not believe what happened. All in an attempt to force the internet explorer and media player down my throat again.

Generally I can work with windows, at least as long as I can configure it, if those configurations are nilly willy overwritten, I am just reminded how much it sucks.
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Below is a list of the fanfiction I have decided to work on. Older fanfiction ideas I put on inactive so they won't show up on my homepage for the time being.

List of Fanfiction I am going to work on in 2012/2013 )
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Finally, made a Loki icon (okay, afterwards I found the two I had made some time back ...) but I am going to use this new one on dreamwidth.

I also made another icon for another fanfic I am currently working on (again). Which I will upload to Insanejournal and use there.

Apart from making great progress with my Loki fanfic, (like finishing chapter 7!) I also decided I need some PWP and decided to work on an older fanfic: With all my heart. This fanfic is the background story of how Verona met Dracula for my larger Dark Matters project in the Van Helsing fandom. Yes, I still adore Dracula, I still ship Gabriel/Dracula and Dracula with anything that has a pulse or a great clevage *lol*

I also made four Loki Wallpapers up to this point (I am going to make more). You find different sizes for hopefully whatever resolution you are using on this page: Birthright - Loki Wallpapers. I might try my hand at doing some for the Avengers and other characters as well.

400x300 px preview under the cut )
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I found out, even though writing fanfic can take up a lot of my time, it actually makes me more productive study-wise. It seems all that time when I did not write, it not only stunned my creativity the longer I did not write anything - it also feed my depression.

Now, I am pretty good. Stupid Fever and almost constant headaches aside, I am doing good. I will finish my last paper and sent it off soon and then go work on my master thesis.

When I am not working for the university, I write fanfiction or do fanfic related stuff.

The Big Main Project is my Avenger fanfic - everyone who knows me, won't be surprised if I say that it is Loki-centric. As 99% of all my fanfic projects it is pretty long. Hopefully, for a change I will finish it. After all I got an awesome beta for this one.

Other fanfics that I try to work on is my Van Helsing Trilogy Dark Matters.

Ocassionally, I write a bit on the Pirates of the Caribbean ff, the Life fanfic focusing on Roman Nevikov and whatever else I get a sudden burst of creativity for.

I am making real progress, wrote more in the last 30 days than in the last 2 years. Despite my still shoddy immunesystem and the overweight related problems - I am doing so much better. I guess fanfiction will always bet he most awesome thing in my life. It allows me to let out my creativity and without it I just don't feel complete.
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