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Now, I have it confirmed: it is not the windows update that killed my windows but the updates for the anti-virus program I used. After every update from Avast my system would not boot anymore and I had to reinstall everything.

That is so tedious, I still have not reinstalled all programs - there are so many settings lost. It is just no fun.

Meh, I need to get some writing done ... I barely write anymore and I have fallen behind with my word goal ...
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Yesterday I wrote till late into the night, in between the auto update of windows wanted to shut me down. I delayed it and then restarted my computer while I went to bed, so that the updates would be installed when I would wake up.

I woke up and my entire desktop looked different. I was shocked but I had no clue how much damage the windows update had done to my system.

- deleted program settings
- deleted short cuts
- deleted all my firefox data (cookies, links etc)
- hid my documents like fanfic or uni documents

It was one shock after another. I still have not everything back to normal. I could not log into my gmail, dreamwidth and problems everywhere. Now, I am a bit calmer but still can not believe what happened. All in an attempt to force the internet explorer and media player down my throat again.

Generally I can work with windows, at least as long as I can configure it, if those configurations are nilly willy overwritten, I am just reminded how much it sucks.
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