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I might go to see Star Trek Born into Darkness tonight.

Depends on whether I feel okay - and there is one other thing that makes me hesitate. According to imdb.com Cumberbatch seems indeed to be playing Khan (the rumoured is gone). You know that possibility makes me feel somewhat less excited.

Maybe he is an awesome Khan, because frankly the original Khan was not that great a villain. I know people hailed him and the second film is one of the best according too many. Heh, I love "The Wrath of Kahn". But I always felt Kahn was just a stupid villain.

Recently watched Space Seed again. That guy is just a sexist pig. He is a primitive, single minded abusive asshat. He has no style, they say he is engineered to be stronger and smarter but I never saw any of that. His first attempt fails miserably, he is pretty much beaten by the goofy crew (sorry but Kirk and Co are often fun to watch but more bumbling than competent, every often so incompetent).

For some reason this historian has a crush on him. Because you know, women can get all the equality they want, they still long for an abusive ass to dominate and subjugate them. *rollseyes*

Never once we got an actual reason, except Kahn mentioning that his intellect kept those alive, that did not die, why he is such a good leader. But for all we know, all of the survivors were engineered "superhumans". Except that they were tribal, easy to impress and had not one original thought or purpose.

Khan was great in the role of the primitive single minded revenge seeker "Bah, Kirk, you stranded me and cost me my favourite property - I mean love of my life *cough*".

So if, Cumberbatch is indeed a Khan re-hash, I hope they just mean that in regard to being engineered and that we do see some superhuman qualities, like super strength or supersmartness at play. After all we had the single minded moron with a shiny weapon as the superstupid villain hell bent on revenge in the last movie.
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