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I am trying hard to maintain my writing habit of writing/editing daily and so far I am doing good.

Now, this is mainly a progress report (also something I did before but never got around to doing regularly) about what I worked on this week and want to do next week.

My main fanfic All there is has now four chapters posted, I got back chapter edits for two and three from my beta and probably upload them again later tonight.

Also sent off chapter 4 and 5 to my beta [personal profile] alessnox.

Chapter 6 is filled with notes, different versions of the beginning and an overall uneasy feeling.

mild spoilers for themes, not events of my fanfic )

Which is probably why I have allowed myself to also write a little PWP with a Khan/Carol Marcus pairing ;) The Admiral's Daugther is not related to All there is but it is way more relaxing to write ...

Thanks to tumblr, my personal headcanon casting for Khan's right hand man, Joachim, is now Tom Hiddleston.
If they ever thaw Khan and his crew up for a later sequel, they just have to make that a reality.

My other projects are currently on ice.
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I am actually making good progress across the board. It seems I have a good run with my rewrite for the Hard Target fanfic called "Beloved Target" (hmm I still need a better title) ....

I am not into chapter 5 and it would probably go faster if I did not literally had to rewrite everything. There are so many more things I need to add or change to make the characters actions more plausible. I also want to bring in more tension.

At the same time I am making progress with the Loki fanfic. Talked to my beta reader and decided to make it three stories. After all the idea was always consisting of three main arcs so I just separating them more officially. I am calling the first one "Enemy of my Enemy" and name the series Birthright.

Not sure what to call the second and third one yet.

But I am down to chapter 10 and I think the first story might amount to 18 chapters ... depends a bit on where I let it end exactly.

All in all, if you know someone who loves to correct grammar - send them my way. I don't mind harsh comments as long as I get rid of all the mistakes.
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I like this new year already. Made great progress with my writing. While I am not getting closer to finish anything at the moment, it is not for lack of words flowing out of me. Unlike in the last week of 2012 were I barely got anything done and did almost no writing at all.

My problem is that I work on too many things - but I sort of need to. Like yesterday when I finished an important chapter of my Loki ff and realised I needed a break from it. Cue to writing more on my Matrix of the Dead fanfic.

So far I have worked on:

  • Beloved Target (Hard Target) - Rewrote Chapter 1 and started on re-writing Chapter 2!
  • Birthright (The Avengers/Thor) - After being stuck in Chapter 9 since before Xmas I finished it.
  • Matrix of the Dead (The Matrix Series) - Got a good start an outline finally done in 2012 but now I am getting somewhere
  • Need (Sherlock) - Small progress but progress
  • Bad becomes worse (Captain America) - Got some things sorted out and got a start on the first scene with Schmidt in chapter 4

All in all, I am quite happy. Especially since today started with a rough draft for a nice scene with Smith, Brown and Jones and my semi-naked OFC in the middle wishing desperately she was some place else. I can't put into words how much I enjoy writing Smith as a mean bastard.
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Even though I did not spend that much time writing on my Red Skull fanfic, I am happy with the progress I made. I know, it is another new fanfic and the simple PWP idea turned into something larger - I just can't keep myself short.

The first evening/night of punishment for Adrienne, my OFC, after she again tried to escape, is complete. Needed three chapters of varying length, all together around 9300 words.

I still need a beta, but I think I am going to publish the first and second chapter soon. Just need time to re-read and eliminate the worst spelling and missing word errors.
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Just a short status update. I am right now in the middle of Chapter 7, not entirely done with editing the previous chapters but at least one till four is relatively sound.

Still, I need some opinion on five and six before I am sure they work the way I intend them, too.

Already finished two wallpapers and once I got two more done I will post and share them here.

Right now I feel a bit drained but I hope I can finish the next chapter tomorrow.
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Since this is basically for my fanfiction activities, I thought I post an update on what I am doing.

I shouldn't be working on fanfiction - but I really got a roll right now and I feel I deserve some writing time. The lack of muse, the stress really bugged me to no end and did make my depression worse.

To make a long story short: I found some notes for my Patriot Fanfiction: Nemesis.

The story focuses on the Green Dragoons, mainly Tavington, Bordon and then Wilkins.

I already posted two chapters on of which the first scene is about the battle that Gabriel talks about when he arrives wounded as his home. Chapter 2 is then about the scene at the farm house where Tavington shots Benjamin Martin's second son, burns the farm and so on. You know it from the movie and I changed nothing - but I wrote it from the viewpoint of Tavington and Bordon.

Chapter 3 was always supposed to start with Bordon meeting Wilkins and recruiting him for the Green Dragoons. I wrote that scene years ago and missplaced it and never found it again. I had terrible writer's block for this story ever since. NOT anymore. Finally, I made it through that scene again and I am quite happy with it.

Before that I watched the first deleted scene titled "The Butcher" over and over again and wrote it for my story from Tavington and Bordon's POV. I think it might be a bit confusing to write it from both their viewpoints but I think it has it's advantages to show what is going on in their heads. It was a lot of fun, I really get the feel of those two characters and then I wanted to write a solo Bordon and decided to try that scene with Wilkins and I got into all the excitement Wilkins must have felt at first when he was offered to join the Dragoons and the words just came to me.

Now, I updated the page for that fanfiction at my fanfiction collective and now I am going to see what else I can accomplish today.

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